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Crucible Type Induction Furnace - Compact System

The MetalLine compact systems are used for efficient melting, heat retaining and casting of various metals. In conventional crucible furnace systems, individual components are built on the customer’s foundations according to the spatial conditions. In compact systems, the crucible furnace is installed in a steel cabin surrounding it, which is part of the furnace system. Most of the individual components of the crucible furnace system are installed in or on this steel housing. Exceptions are matching transformers or air-water recooling systems. The steel housing therefore serves as a furnace cellar and at the same time as an operator platform. With this type of construction, the customer saves extensive foundation work and construction times. The compact systems are therefore an inexpensive alternative to the individual installation of conventional crucible furnace systems for small to medium-sized crucible furnaces.  

Furnace size
100 kg - 3000 kg
Furnace capacity
50 kW - 3000 kW
Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium, Zinc
Copper, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, Zinc

Key Features

minimalfoundation work
good protection againstaccidental contact
fast installationand commissioning
environmentally friendly,energy-efficient technology

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