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The 6th generation of our custom-made IGBT converters is particularly suitable for more zone block heating systems and crucible furnaces with a higher output due to its modular design. A rectifier, as a B6 or B12 pulse version, supplies the modules with a maximum power of 3600 kW with continuous power distribution. Depending on the application, operating frequencies between 25 Hz and 2000 Hz are possible, as well as operation without compensation (direct converter). The low-loss power components have their own liquid cooling. The quality components, mainly sourced from Europe and America, are assembled in our German plant in Iserlohn.


    Your advantages:

    • Short installation time due to plug & play
    • Design for continuous operation
    • Load independent, high power factor
    • Very low customer network load
    • Low THD value
    • Use of standard components
    • Operation without significant wear
    • Use of solid copper conductors
    • Clear, maintenance-friendly design with sufficient space and good accessibility
    • Dustproof construction
    • Archiving of error messages and process data

    Standard safety devices:

    • Magnetic door locks at dangerous voltages
    • Analogue and visual residual voltage display on the control cabinets and on the user interface
    • Ground fault and insulation monitoring
    • Plexiglas covering of live parts
    • Built-in buffer module for controlled shutdown of the inverters
    • Various emergency stop switches
    • Permanently installed grounding points
    • Delivery of an earthing set (storage option in the cupboard)
    • 2nd channel security system
    • Variety of current and voltage measurements with internal, logical adjustment

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    Dr.-Ing. Christian Löbbe

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