Channel Type Induction Furnace

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Channel Type Induction Furnace

The MetalLine induction channel-type furnaces from IAS are characterised by high thermal efficiency with low energy consumption. They create a gentle metal bath mixing for homogeneous alloys with a constant and even temperature.

For this reason, this type of furnace is one of the preferred units for inductive melting for non-ferrous applications, especially for copper materials. Another advantage is the variable furnace geometries and pressure-tight designs, with which IAS can flexibly meet all customer requirements.

MetalLine Induction channel-type furnaces can be used to melt scrap and large-format goods, but also to store and keep various alloys warm and as heatable casting furnaces.

The modern converter technology from IAS enables precise process control when casting metals. FEM-calculated inductors with double grooves are preferred, which enable an even temperature distribution in the melt and are characterised by a long service life.

Furnace size
1 t - 100 t
Furnace Capacity
50 kW - 8000 kW
Copper (OF, DHP, ETP), Aluminium, Zinc, Cast Iron
Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminium, Zinc

Key Features

process-orientedfurnace technology
environmentally friendlytechnology
high qualityof the melt

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