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Zinc Pot

The zinc pot is part of a steel strip galvanising line and has a capacity of up to 400 t of liquid zinc. The furnace is available in stationary and mobile versions. The task of the furnace is to keep the melt warm by compensating for heat losses through the walls, floor and bath surface, to re-melt zinc which is removed by coating the steel strip, and, if necessary, to heat up the steel strip entering the furnace. The furnace consists of a ribbed and stiffened steel structure lined with several layers of refractory material. This protects the steel container against the aggressive zinc and minimises heat loss. Channel inductors for heating the melt are flanged to the zinc pot. The number of channel inductors depends on the zinc alloy and the energy required. The channel inductors are designed in such a way that an optimised metal exchange between channel inductor and zinc melt in the zinc pot takes place through a transient metal flow. Appropriate positioning of the channel inductors on the zinc pot leads to a homogeneous melt and melting temperature throughout the zinc pot and ensures that any bottom dross is not dispersed into the melt. 


Furnace size
30 t - 400 t
Furnace capacity
200 kW - 3200 kW

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goodbath mixing
environmentally friendlyenergy-efficient technology
highservice life
variablefurncace sizes

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