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Reference projects of IAS GmbH

Your special material needs a special solution for heating. We will find the optimum system concept for your individual process.

The entire know-how of the IAS team is available for your special requirements in projects to heat the special materials reliably and profitably.

Below are some reference projects with tailor-made concepts that have been successfully implemented for our customers:

Zirconium and Ttitanium Alloys

IAS has delivered and successfully commissioned a vertical induction heating of zirconium and titanium alloys with an installed capacity of 400 kW for our customer in the USA. The billet heating, in front of a 3,500 ton extrusion press, works in the multi-frequency range between 50 - 140 Hz and achieves a throughput of 12 billets/hour.

Aluminium Molybdenum Alloys

Another project was successfully carried out for an Austrian customer. Here, the high requirements for heating special aluminium-molybdenum alloys for rotary anodes (approx. 1,650°C) and targets (approx. 400°C) in front of a screw press also had to be met. For this purpose, tests were carried out in advance together with the customer in order to prove the process reliability and to convert it into a suitable system concept. Four (4) stations working in parallel heat the workpieces with a diameter of approx. 300mm to the target temperatures with a power of up to 85 kW, whereby the highest temperature accuracy is reproducibly achieved.

We had already implemented the first project for heating sintered tubes and bars with this customer using a double push-through system. There were not only the high demands on throughput and temperature accuracy, but also the difficulties of heating a wide variety of diameters and wall thicknesses in a process-reliable manner. This demanding production could be ensured with variable frequencies between 150 - 300 Hz, as well as two independently working IGBT converters.


Our project in China for heating and cooling zirconium billets was implemented under strict safety requirements. The special challenge was not only the high demands on temperature accuracy and reproducibility, but also the fulfilment of the highest safety standards.

Zirconium, Titanium and Stainless Steel Alloys

For a Russian customer, zirconium, titanium and stainless steel alloys are heated in three (3) parallel vertical heating stations, which are then pressed in a 3,500 ton press from the SMS group. Our IGBT frequency converters deliver 500 kW of power per station in order to induce the required energy in the workpieces in a targeted manner.

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