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Zinc Cathode - Melting Furnace

The MetalLine zinc cathode melting furnaces are used to melt, store and keep pure zinc warm. They are commonly used to melt zinc cathodes continuously and keep the liquid zinc warm. The furnace consists of a steel tank with a refractory lining on the inside, which is positioned on a foundation so that it can be tilted sideways. Depending on the required melting capacity, two to six channel inductors are flanged onto the tank. The upper furnace is placed on the tank. This also has a refractory lining and contains one or two ceiling openings for zinc cathode charging shafts as well as several furnace doors for charging zinc return material and for skimming off the melt, among other things. In the front area of the tank, a so-called pump chamber is separated by installing a weir made of refractory material. From here, the liquid zinc is pumped off in batches into moulds or casting wheels by means of a special pump that is permanently immersed in the melt. The furnace is mainly charged through one or two shafts with zinc cathodes that open into the furnace cover. The power electronics are IGBT transistor converters, which are developed and manufactured at IAS. Conventional power electronics with step transformers can also be offered.


Furnace size
20 t - 120 t
Furnace capacity
200 kW - 4800 kW
Zinc cathodes

Key Features

highmelting rate
constant, homogeneousmelting temperature
lowfurnace losses
for zinc smelters andzinc ingot production

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