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Vacuum Melting Furnace

The MetalLine vacuum melting furnaces are used for melting, storing and superheating molten metal. They are usually built into vacuum tanks of vacuum casting systems or powder atomisation systems. In the vacuum boiler, the melting furnaces transfer the overheated melt into a pouring tundish. IAS also offers combined melting-casting furnaces, in which the superheated melt flows directly from the bottom of the melting furnace into the pouring nozzle of the powder atomisation chamber. 

Operation under vacuum places special requires on the furnace systems with regard to the tightness of cable bushings in the vacuum tank, precise pouring into the casting tundish, high melt temperatures and also the power electrics due to high current densities. The vacuum furnaces consist of refractory lined induction crucible furnaces in a special design. In addition to the furnaces, IAS also supplies suitable charging systems and systems for monitoring the temperature of the melt and monitoring the bath level in the casting tundish.

The power electronics are IGBT transistor converters, which are developed and manufactured at IAS.


Furnace size
30 kg - 500 kg
Furnace capacity
50 kW - 500 kW
Steel, Special Steel, Copper
Copper, Steel

Key Features

high, homogeneousmelting temperature
high vacuumimpermeability
precise pouringinto the tundish
for vacuum casting andpowder atomisation systems

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