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Aluminium Storage Furnace

The MetalLine storage furnaces are used to store and keep aluminium and aluminium alloys warm. They are usually positioned as a buffer between the melting furnace and the casting plant. However, they can also be used as storage furnaces for the delivery of liquid aluminium from recycling plants. The furnace consists of a cylindrical steel vessel with a refractory lining on the inside. It can be designed to be tiltable or stationary. The furnace can also be supported with weighing cells so that its contents can be shown on the display at any time. As a stationary furnace, it is pressurised and conveys dross-free melt into transport ladles via a siphon built into the wall lining. The tilting version is used for pouring the aluminium alloy into the feed channels of ingot casting machines or into the tundish of the continuous casting plant. Due to the design of the furnace and its thick refractory lining, it can heat larger quantities of molten aluminium cost-effectively and cast it at a constant temperature over a longer period of time. Degassing of the melt in the furnace vessel via impellers is also possible. The furnace is filled via a feed channel flanged to the upper rear wall of the furnace. There is an inspection opening in the furnace lid for temperature measurement or sampling.

The furnace is optionally heated with a channel inductor or crucible inductor. Furnaces heated with a crucible inductor are easier to clean and can be completely drained when changing the alloy. The power electronics are IGBT transistor converters, which are developed and manufactured at IAS. Conventional power electronics with step transformers can also be offered. The aluminium melt is protected against gas absorption from the surrounding atmosphere by the closed furnace drum. The bath mixing within the melt generated by the inductors produces homogeneous melts over the entire storage or pouring time. When heated with crucible inductors, the melt can also be alloyed with silicon or other metals, for example, due to the good mixing of the bath.


Furnace size
5 t - 40 t
Furnace capacity
100 kW - 1200 kW

Key Features

constant, homogeneousmelting temperature
lowfurnace losses
active and passivemetal treatment
for ingot casting machinesor continuous casting

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