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Holding Furnace

The MetalLine holding furnaces are used to store, keep warm, superheat and cast copper, brass and copper alloys. They serve as a buffer between the melting and casting plant and consist of a refractory-lined furnace vessel to which an exchangeable forehearth is flanged. Homogeneous liquid metal is metered into the mould of the continuous casting plant or the upstream horizontal continuous casting furnace via the forehearth and the stopper control located therein.

The furnaces can be completely emptied by rearward hydraulic tipping. For maintenance work on the casting plant and for emptying the furnaces, they can be positioned on a carriage and driven backwards or sideways out of the production line. The furnaces are filled from the rear or side through the hollow bearing. For thermal insulation and to protect against gas absorption from the melt, they have an insulated main cover in which optional charging openings and inspection openings are integrated.

Depending on the requirements, the furnaces are operated with or without pressurisation. They are optionally heated with channel inductors or crucible inductors. The power electronics are IGBT transistor converters, which are developed and manufactured at IAS. Conventional power electronics with step transformers can also be offered.

Furnace size
8t - 50 t
Furnace capacity
200 kW - 2000 kW
Copper (OF, DHP, ETP), Brass
Copper, Bronze

Key Features

constant, homogeneousmelting temperature
precise dosinginto the casting plant
pressurisation withinert gas possible
for horizontal and verticalcontinuous casting plants

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