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Induction Solution: Foundry

Inductive melting and casting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals is a main focus of IAS.

The focus is primarily on clean induction technology with efficient special machines. With inductive heating, the metal is exposed to an alternating electromagnetic field by means of a current-carrying coil. Eddy currents are generated in the material without contact and heat is generated. This process can be specifically influenced. It does not have to be heated up by heat transfer as in a conventional furnace. In this way, the systems from IAS can be adapted to the individual requirements of our customers.

Another advantage of inductive melting is that, due to the technology, the electromagnetic forces lead to intensive bath movement and therefore ideal homogenisation of the melt.

With the MetalLine machine series, IAS supplies the right solution for channel and crucible melting furnaces as well as for casting furnaces, tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. As part of SMS Elotherm, IAS combines all the competencies of induction technology under one roof: from the matched inductor and modern IGBT converter as a power unit to system technology with sophisticated control systems.


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Inductive melting and casting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals

is one of the main activities of IAS